The Most Complete Web-Based Enterprise Resource Management System for Residential Home Builders

Enhance your organization's processes with our leading technology bringing all aspects of your organization together with MyHomebuilder as your partner.

Features & Benefits

One System, Endless Utility

Concerned your current software has no future? Tired of scattered information and entering the same data in multiple Excel spreadsheets? Let MyHomebuilder show you a better way.

One Platform For Your Organization

Builder Lynx brings hundreds of activities, tasks, and processes together into a modern cloud-based system.

Unparalleled Training and Service Offering

MyHomebuilder focuses on the setup, training and end user adoption to ensure you get the most out of your investment and see the returns immediately.

Manage your team and your business

When you use Builder Lynx, we provide you with options. Utilize as much or as little of our services needed to compliment the growth of your organization - all delivered in a proven manner providing years of value.

Seamless Communication

Share information quickly and easily with trades and suppliers through our included portal. Improved communication ultimately results in a better homebuyer experience.

CRM and Sales
  • Manage prospects and email campaigns
  • Convert prospects into buyers 
  • Report on most successful sales activity
  • E-Sign contracts and addendums
  • Manage design and selection process
Estimating and Purchasing
  • Automatically update model budgets by lot, project and across all communities
  • Request and manage bids electronically
  • Receive and compare trade bids and award work by project
  • Flexible and automated PO and contract release
  • Notifications of custom and variance requests
Scheduling and Customer Service
  • Manage schedules, documents, variances, and trades from smart devices with or without
    internet connectivity
  • Approve/disapprove warranty requests and track open work orders
  • Schedule online inspections and appointments directly with homebuyers
  • Approve customer service work completion on a tablet with E-Sign
  • Automated weekly reports to trades of updated and outstanding deficiencies
Homebuyer and Trade Portal
  • Fully branded buyer portal includes wish list, documents, schedule updates, customer
  • Free Trade Portal with bidding, schedules, POs and document management
  • Automated workflow based off customized events within the systems
  • Multiple company and intercompany capabilities
  • Cashflow and cash requirements reporting
  • Manage retention and back charges
  • Manage task completion to allow for procurement autopay
  • Two-way integration with industry specific accounting systems
Reporting and Analytics
  • Executive and end user dashboards
  • Standard reporting for each department 
  • API Integration
  • Easy to analyze KPIs in real-time
  • Single sign on for all users
  • Customizable reports with drilldown capabilities
Frequently Asked Questions
How did Builder Lynx get its start?

What we hear from nearly every presentation performed is “how did this product get so mature, our solution today doesn’t have half of these features”. Our response is that Builder Lynx was designed in house for a builder and by the builder nearly 15 years ago.

With nothing else available in the market, it was determined the only option was to write a software program that met the needs of a complex single family and high rise builder, forcing the product to be mature from the start. As word got out, it was clear that Builder Lynx needed to be commercialized. Fast forward, hundreds of companies and thousands of users are utilizing Builder Lynx today.

Why haven’t I heard of Builder Lynx?

Having had so much success in a niche market like that of Toronto, there wasn’t a need to expand beyond the GTA. Today with builders having so few options, it was a group of builders that encouraged MyHomebuilder to find a better approach moving forward. It was this same group of builders that identified that there is nothing comparable to Builder Lynx in the market today.

So, with a proven product identified, the next question, how does Builder Lynx become available to all builders across North America. That part was easy, to form a team of like-minded, builder first individuals. Completing the request of the builder group, we now have MyHomebuilder proudly offering Builder Lynx.

What are the technical requirements of Builder Lynx?

Builder Lynx works on any web-enabled device from desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. We do not require you to: license any 3rd party database, spend money to update or buy a new server, remote desktop into the application, restrict you to one specific browser, or run a thin client. Simply open your web browser to access Builder Lynx.

How is Builder Lynx priced?

Builder Lynx has experienced tremendous success with a simple straight forward pricing model which builders appreciate and understand: per unit/per job fee.

This model supports our Builder First attitude with an all-inclusive, single price, product and services offering.

Am I required to have multiple logins to use the full suite of Builder Lynx?

No. Why would anyone want more than one? But if you do, proper security permissions can provide that. A single login allows you to move from one project or company to another.

See how Builder Lynx can work for your team