Our Mission

Creating a company that puts builders first and delivers on its promises is what MyHomebuilder Software was founded on.

Who is MyHomebuilder Software?

Why We're Here

MyHomebuilder Software was founded by a group of dedicated, customer focused employees with more than 100 years of combined experience in the residential construction and homebuilding industry. We saw a need and feel compelled to deliver a quality product that builders not only need but have been asking for.

Doing what we do best, listening to our customers, our team went on a mission to find a product to meet this need. We started by forming a builder panel to define the current marketplace of software providers that are available across the home building industry today. Consolidating this feedback, we began interviewing the various options available, entered into a few pilot programs that allowed builders to build data, manage projects, and allow end user adoption to be considered. Based on the feedback we received, we narrowed the list to a few solutions and conducted customer reference calls and site visits. The findings and feedback were clear and led MyHomebuilder Software to where we are today, proudly partnering with and offering Builder Lynx. Our builders can attest that Builder Lynx is the most impressive Operational Homebuilder ERP in the marketplace.

Putting Builders at the Center of their ERP Solution

As much as we would like to take credit for creating MyHomebuilder Software, the decision to enter the market was driven by a group of builders and developers across North America.  Their encouragement is what made this organization a reality and it is what drives our mission statement and core values.  Creating a company that puts builders first and delivers on its promises is what MyHomebuilder Software was founded on.

With the tremendous success in the Canadian market, it was clear that the time for Builder Lynx to become the standard across North America is now. Builders are confirming that we were right through their interest and decision to move forward with Builder Lynx.

Changing the Way Home Builders Use Software

MyHomebuilder Software is designed to work with all disciplines, departments, and functions within the homebuilding experience.  We recognize that while each builder may be similar in their effort and end goals, they are also unique in their approach and experience.  It is our privilege to cater to builders and provide value in every facet of their business, delivering valued functionality and related processes.

Home builders are asking for both innovation and a partner who puts your needs first.
MyHomebuilder knows their stuff when it comes to homebuilding software.
MyHomebuilder holds true to their word. Their commitments can be counted on.
Home builders are asking for both innovation and a partner who puts your needs first.
Management Team

Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the most premier IT, construction, and startup companies in the homebuilding space.

Dan Miles


Dan Rich

Vice President of Customer Engagement

Matt Reaber

Chief Growth Officer

Marisa Clark

Vice President of Sales

Jimmy Virgadamo

Vice President of Operations
Our Core Values

MyHomebuilder was founded on and will never waver from these core values.

Builder First

To serve as the foundation for, with thought and regard to our customers

No greater privilege than to earn the trust and support of our customers and in return, we strive to exceed their expectations.


Treasure those in your life whether they be family, customers, coworkers or even strangers

MyHomebuilder understands that software is software. But to provide a quality product while building irreplaceable relationships, that is what we strive for.


To represent one’s true nature or beliefs

MyHomebuilder's existence is to design, develop, deliver and support a product that our customers require and willingly choose to have as a part of their organization.  "Willingly" so often gets lost along the way in our industry.


To consider with respect to worth, usefulness, or importance

MyHomebuilder does not view itself as a product or a service, but an integral part of our customers success, and our customers are our success. Value is being all that is expected and surprisingly more than imagined.


Conformity with fact or reality

Truth can be scary but does not have to be a bad thing.  Without being presented the facts and reality, informed decisions cannot be found and the intended direction can be lost.


Obligation to report, explain, or justify something

MyHomebuilder will only seek to understand our customers wants and expectations and deliver no less than what is expected. Without this and these Core Values, we would be no different than others and our software would be just a software.

Interested in learning more about MyHomebuilder?

Dan Miles


Growing up Dan had two passions that he envisioned for himself, playing professional baseball and a career in the homebuilding industry. Fast forward to Dan’s college days, schoolwork and baseball during the day and work as an IT Manager at night. Those four years provided the foundation, insight, and instincts that supported the career decisions and strategic roles that followed which included homebuilding consulting, program implementations, mergers & acquisitions, IT and sales. The common take away from each real estate-centric role, the customer experience was never negotiable.

Identifying business requirements, understanding process, expected behavioral change and the inherent impact of a conversion through software and services became Dan’s specialty. Expecting repeatable results with a team that holds one another accountable only to be measured by the expectations of the customer. Dan is known to demand more of himself while encouraging more from those around him.  MyHomebuilder Software takes no effort to be a part of when the vision, culture and team works effortlessly with each other and for one another.

Matt Reaber

Chief Growth Officer

For nearly 10 years, Matt has been a noteworthy leader in the homebuilding ERP space. Matt prides himself on providing exceptional customer service and making builders his top priority. Over his time in the industry, he has had the privilege of working with some of the nation’s top builders, ranging from regional to large national and publicly traded builders.

Matt’s father was a home builder. He has fond memories of walking job sites as a kid and he truly understands what it’s like to be hands-on and in the field. After 4 years of College in Los Angeles, California where he played football and golf, he knew he wanted to continue in the home building space. Since then, he has enjoyed helping builders streamline their day-to-day processes through proper software selection and implementation.

When not at work, Matt enjoys spending time at the local San Diego beaches with his wife and daughter.

Nicole Hippe

Vice President of Builder Solutions

Nicole is a Building Development graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, located in the same city she grew up and still calls home, Calgary, Alberta Canada. She has been immersed in the homebuilding industry for over 30 years. Nicole brings a wealth of hands-on experience with residential single family, multi-family, and custom estate segments by way of new home sales, estimating, drafting, design, site plan development, project management and trade relations. Over the last 10 years, Nicole has strived to improve the lives of the homebuilding industry’s software users. In her words, “Software should not dictate how to drive your business. It is the responsibility of the Software Providers to listen to their customers and create an environment which compliments what they do best.”

In her spare time, you can find Nicole with her husband and two daughters camping or exploring the foothills of the Rockies.

Dan Rich

Vice President of Customer Engagement

After graduating from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Dan began his career working with an accounting firm specialized in Construction Accounting and Banking. He later moved into the CFO position with a regional multi-company homebuilder. After moving to Atlanta, Dan began working directly with CPA firms and custom homebuilders providing the industry with the only solution, at that time, approved by the NAHB Software Review Board. Dan has helped hundreds of builders improve their business operations given his extensive knowledge and experience with Microsoft and Intuit, now Sage, business systems. After building his first home, Dan knew he would never leave the dynamic industry of homebuilding. Dan’s passion for working with homebuilders eclipses over thirty-five years. He and his wife reside in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Marisa Clark

Vice President of Sales

Marisa grew up in a family of homebuilders, land developers and tradesmen. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from The University of Georgia in addition to holding her Real Estate license for the state. Marisa began her career working with General Contractors and construction installers, providing product and installation training on waterproofing and various building materials. Over the past decade she has been an advocate of the homebuilding industry working with builders of all sizes across North America on their construction and operational software needs. Marisa embodies the mission MyHomebuilder was built on – put builders first and deliver on your promises. She resides in Atlanta with her husband and two daughters.